There are no formal tests / exams at the Primary Wing. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Policy as per CBSE rules is being implemented at the Primary Wing under which the children are evaluated in academics including assignments / project work, activities and personality development throughout the year. The profile of the students is being reflected in CBSE prescribed graded format instead of marks.



    1. The whole year – academic session has been divided into three terms, in which the first two terms have two rounds each and the third term has one round.

    2. The Rounds are distributed as follows : -

    Term I : April  to September

    Round I – May

    Round II – August

    Round III – September

    Term II :Oct to March

    Round I  – November

    Round II – January

    Round III – March


    3. The syllabus increases progressively with each round, keeping in mind the physical and academic development of the students.

    4. Students’ interest, aptitude and competency in various co-scholastic fields such as: sports, music and dance are evaluated on a regular basis.

    5. The grading has been framed on a marks convertible pattern. After evaluation the papers are graded and sent to the parents.

    6. For school records the marks and grades are complied and kept as a record with the teacher concerned.

    7. Flexibility is considered while conducting CCE regarding the unforeseen absence of the child due to illness/unavoidable circumstances.

    8. CCE also covers the non-scholastic areas of a student using the grading system.

    9. The profile these PW students are reflected in CBSE prescribed graded format instead of marks. A comprehensive achievement report is given to the parents at calendared PTA meetings.

    10. The PTA meetings are the regular feature at the end of every month and after every evaluation.