Ø  Check regularly the child’s school diary and home work copies and ensure that all home assignments are completed on time.

    Ø  Discuss with the child, problems faced by him/her in coping with the scholastic and non-scholastic activities.

    Ø  Ensure that your child attends school neatly turned out.

    Ø  Encourage children to read books/reviews/dailies suitable to their age so that they learn to seek knowledge on their own. Make learning a pleasurable experience for them.

    Ø  Parents will not, for any reason, go to the class room. They will contact the co-ordinator/class teacher in case of urgency (between 10:20 a.m – 11:00 a.m )


    Ø  Fine may be imposed on a student for late attendance, absence, from class without proper application, truancy, damage to property and delay in payment of school fees and dues beyond the 20th of each month. A fine of Rs.2 will be imposed for late coming and Rs. 5 for absence without leave.

    Ø  Any damage to school property will have to be made good either individually or collectively, as a class/ group.

    Ø  Producing a false medical certificate for absence from school will be penalized by rustication from school without any further warming.

    Ø  Absence from test/examination will merit an absent in the concerned subject, unless the Principal is informed in writing by noon the same day supported by a valid medical certificate.                          

    Ø  Application for leave should be entered in the diary itself

    Ø  The name of the students will be deleted from the days when leave without prior permission is taken.



    PTA Meeting

    Ø  Parents must attend the Parent-Teacher meetings in cases they are likely to be out of station, prior information in writing should be sent to be Principal and immediately on their return they should contact the Principal who will arrange an interview with respective teachers of their ward.

    Ø  Parents are expected to meet the respective teachers of their wards on the report card day.

    Ø  Parents must sign the remarks given by the subject teachers and meet the teachers.

    Ø  Answer scripts of all assessments will be shown to the children immediately after the evaluation. Those parents who wish to see the answer scripts of their children are welcome to see the answer script on the day of the P.T.A meet.